Finally, after a long time of waiting we can reveal the official selections for COPENHAGEN FILM DAYS 2017!

The event will be held at Husets Biograf, Rådhusstræde 13, in Copenhagen, starting Saturday September 9, 7-11 pm and continuing Sunday September 10, 2-6 pm.

The entire programme will be split into four screening blocks of approx. 100 minutes each. All films will be in either English speech or have English subtitles!

Price for entry will be:
1 block = 50kr.
2 blocks in one day = 70 kr.
all 4 blocks (ALL FESTIVAL PASS) = 100 kr.
In order to reserve your ticket(s) please email and specify clearly which block(s) you wish to attend.

The programme will look like the following:

Block 1
Saturday, September 9, 7pm:

Tide (William Turner, Denmark)
Fiction, 12:00 min.
Four middle aged West Jutland men in a sauna have their traditionel ideals challenged by two young intruders. They eventually respond in an act of despicable violence.

Daddys Girl (Morten Olsen, Denmark)
Fiction, 8:24 min.
Lærke is a young woman, mentally damaged because of her father and her childhood, and she has great difficulty letting go. One day she decided to let go of her past and move on.

Legacy (Claus Hvass, Denmark)
Fiction, 5:11 min.
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

The Courtship (Jonathan Norberg, Sweden)
Fiction, 17:20 min.
Fredrik is in love with his neighbor Rebecka. He makes a movie introducing himself and sends it to her. But the movie has the opposite effect of what Fredrik intended. Now he has to fix the damage he made.

Cold Void (Claudio Marino, Sweden)
Documentary, 22:00 min.
“Cold Void” is a film for anyone interested in life stories, and was not made with the intention of pandering to SHINING’s fans. It is, rather, very much a personal journey, bringing a much-needed clarity and lack of sensationalism to the subject of Niklas Kvarforth.

Glass Between Us (Manuel Schmitt, Germany)
Documentary, 34:12 min.
Ever since Gerald Marshall has been isolated from the outside world, there is glass between him and the people in his life. He loses contact to his sister. The contact to his son is mostly through letters. However, they have never touched each other – you can’t touch each other, where he is at. Gerald, Jaelon and Julia each handle the separation in their own way, they try to break it or recoil from it.


Block 2
Saturday, September 9, 9pm:

Transmission (Tom Hancock & Varun Raman, United Kingdom)
Fiction, 17:26 min.
Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone.

The Night Circus (Eskild Krogh, Denmark)
Fiction, 8:49 min.
Two men go about their business, removing the departed from local mob hits, when business as usual suddenly becomes rather unusual.

The Day Trip – Evidence number 3 (Paolo Zaffaina & Alberto Guariento, Italy)
Fiction, 13:07 min.
A group of guys decided to celebrate the end of summer with a trip to the beach and to tell it through a camera. The video shows in chronological order the pass off of the day, by the arrival on the beach, until the time to go back home: Games, jokes, first loves, the spontaneity of a group of todays teenagers .But, as often it happens in amateur movies, the camera captures a lot more images of what the eyes can catch, details that habit and everydays life makes trite and uninteresting. Fragments of a much more complex and disturbing reality.

The Cat (Adrian Burt, Sweden)
Fiction, 11:00 min.
An ageing gangster is having a very very bad day, eventually he ends up takeing out his frustrations on his elderly next door neighbour and her cat. Which leads to disastrous consequences. Katten is a short story about revenge.

Margherita (Lorenzo Iannello, Italy)
Fiction, 20:08 min.
Sister Margherita is a young Benedictine nun living in the 19th century in an italian monastery. She had the opportunity to see and touch Jesus Christ and she is in love with him, but for some reason he decided to disappear leaving her in a mood of anguish and despair. This love for God and the desperate attempt to have him back leads her to a self-destructing behaviour. Her friend, Sister Chiara, suggests her to stop behaving like that, to calm down and try to look for God in the harmony of Nature. Sister Margherita accepts her advice and she spends some time in the woods: after resting a bit she starts hearing scary voices, then she reaches a lake and she understands that God is asking her to drown herself in the lake.

The Eve (Luca Machnich, USA)
Fiction, 19:32 min.
Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen.

Internal Flight (Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreieva, Ukraine)
Documentary, 29:06 min.
This film is an interweaving of the magical music of guitar, a monologue – revelation that was written by the musician himself and charming beautiful video that has been shot in 30 countries during 3 years by the filmmakers Olga and Andrii Andreiev (Paganel Studio). The film is called ‘Internal Flight’ – this is the flight that we take in order to understand ourselves, find the answers on the questions “Who am I?’, ‘Who has created this world?’, ‘Why this world is created this way and not another way?’ So, sit back and take this beautiful flight together with the authors that created it from all their hearts for you!

Block 3

Sunday, September 10, 2pm:

BelieveTheDance (Thomas Aske Berg & John Iver Berg, Norway)
Fiction, 14:34 min.
Four lost souls stuck in a rut are hit hard with a life-altering experience, through the power of dance.

The Suitor (Alvaro Congosto, USA)
Fiction, 12:01 min.
October 30th, 1938. During Orson Welles’ infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a lonely man tries to bond with a panicked young woman as they fearfully wait for the end of the world together.

What We Lose (Jakob Valdemar Mørk, Denmark)
Fiction, 12:09 min.
Vagn, an old school, conservative primary school teacher who lives a simple, safe and structured everyday life is forced to deal with the insecurities of life, when he is faced with challenges both in his professional and personal life.

Nomads (Shanming Sally Guo, USA)
Fiction, 12:55 min.
“Nomads” is a film for people who are looking to live with an open heart. Life keeps going on. I hope this film acts as a cure, or therapy, on those who are undergoing struggles, and encourage them to keep moving on.

No Wave (Stephane Lapointe, Canada)
Fiction, 11:18 min.
Anxious Henry is having trouble sleeping. In an attempt to rest, he listens to the sounds of ocean waves on a relaxation radio station. But when he hears the screams of a drowning man in his calming sea, Henry’s life swirls into a downward spiral.

Emmi (Andrew Carslaw, United Kingdom)
Fiction, 10:08 min.
Emmi is a powerful drama about a teenager living in a tower block who has a dark secret. One evening she crosses paths with Sarah the kindly but nervous resident living in the flat below. The events which follow later in the night will change both of their lives forever.

Man Wife Clown (Trine Nadia & Alaya Riefensthal, Denmark)
Documentary, 19:26 min.
Kaj and Margit have been together for 35 years. They met at the theater “Den Blå Hest” ( The Blue Horse). In Man Wife Clown, they tell us the storie of their love, helium balloons and clowns. How does it work? And is it it possible to get support to make a performance based on invegesttation on a trolley and some pieces of plastic? Man Wife Clown is an honest storie about love and art, but most of all about a couple who are each other’s best playmates.

Beyond the Baton (Elena Mak, Jacqueline Mojazza, Daphne Zhu & Charissa Zou, USA)
Documentary, 9:45 min.
In a community full of diverse individuals, the Plano Symphony Orchestra comes together through music and combined effort. See Plano Symphony Orchestra’s most talented minds come together to put together a spectacular show.


Block 4
Sunday, September 10, 4pm:

The Farewell (Svend Colding, Denmark)
Fiction, 8:40 min.
A Father finds his daughter stuck in a car after a car crash. He now gets a last chance to make up for past mistakes and to say a final goodbye.

Lucid (Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, Denmark)
Fiction, 4:50 min.
A man awakens and attempts to change the course of his life, but is he truly in control of his own destiny?

Shoot Me Nicely (Elias Plagianos, USA)
Fiction, 19.00 min.
Photographer Sean Wheeler is searching for a lucrative celebrity photo to re-launch his career. After being laid off from his dream job and losing his supermodel girlfriend his life has hit rock bottom. An opportunity presents itself for Sean to prove he has what it takes… but will he succeed?

Kerloster (Ombeline de la Gournerie, France)
Fiction, 25:28 min.
A fifteen years old boy, Baptiste, lives in a village of Brittany with his older sister and brother since their parents death. He spends his day life working with a local cow farmer, Jean-Yves. Known for his talents as a vower, he one day receives the visit of a young girl who asks him to wish a person to death

The Bullet (Sherwin Binguan, USA)
Fiction, 34:47 min.
Originally a radio drama by Sam Dann, “The Bullet” tells the story of Jerry Price, a detective whose partner and closest friend, Paul Gardner, is killed in a shootout. Two years later, Paul returns from the dead to tell Jerry the bullet was meant for him instead and things must be made right. Jerry now has to make a decision that will affect much more than his life alone.

Antartica (Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreieva, Ukraine)
Documentary, 7:23 min.
Antarctic is a short film about the beauty of this continent and its wildlife. In this film the audience will see the unique scene, we would call it ‘gastronomic dance’ – it is feeding of the whales with their unique technique ‘bubble feeding net’. Before this our shooting it was supposed that there is only one place on the Earth with this phenomena – near Alaska where the whales hunt this way. But now we have witnessed it in Antarctica. Enjoy this breathtaking dance with us!